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   "The secret to
    successful organic
    gardening of any kind
    is to understand the
    way nature works."



Enjoy these links to sites with good rose gardening and other general gardening information.

Clean Air Gardening Supply
Features environmentally friendly lawn and garden supplies including manual reel mowers, compost bins, container garden planters, garden tools and more.

Garden Frog
Daily updated links to the best gardening articles on the web.

Our Rose Garden
Comprehensive rose information from the University of Illinois Extension.

Rose Page
Great list of frequently asked questions to common rose gardening issues.

Olympia Rose Society
A non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and education of the National Flower of the United States; the Rose.

San Francisco Rose Society
A non-profit rose organization in San Francisco, California.

Maine Rose Society
Members, from all walks of life, enjoy getting together once a month to talk about roses, answer each other’s questions, and share our passion.

Tri State Rose Society of Chattanooga
The purpose of the society is to encourage and create interest in the growing of roses, and to foster a better understanding of their cultivation.

Nashville Rose Society
A non-profit organization in Nashville dedicated to roses.

Fraser Pacific Rose Society
British Columbian society to encourage, promote and enjoy growing roses.

Hybridizing Roses
Great collection of articles on how and why to hybridize roses, along with tips and techniques.

CybeRose Garden
All about roses and other bulbs.

Ashdown Roses
Ashdown Roses is a South Carolina nursery created by rose lovers for rose lovers.

Milwaukee Rose Society
Creating a welcoming environment that will enable you to grow beautiful gorgeous roses in Wisconsin.

Buck Rose Website
Dr. Griffith Buck developed many varieties of hardy, fragrant, and beautiful roses during his time at Iowa State University.

Wichita Rose Society
Wichita Rose Society of Kansas is an affiliate of the American Rose Society and was founded in 1949.

Roses of Yesterday and Today
Sells antique and modern varieties of roses.

Roses of Excellence
A great collection of rose photographs, articles and information on hybridizing.

Vintage Bloomers
As wildly individual as those that grow them, there are Old Garden Roses to suit virtually every climate, every garden, every personality.

Your one-stop for roses!

A Woodland Rose Garden
You will find here a private garden full of photos, rose lore, and rose culture.

Growing Beans
Learn how to grow beans in your garden.

Northern Gardening
Northern Gardening is a practical resource for all gardeners--especially those in a cold climate.

Amish Gourds
A family owned and environmentally friendly company with a variety of great gourd products. An excellent site offering dried gourds for crafts and unique gourd birdhouses.

Alaska Bountea
Compost tea to revitalize your soil and garden.

Gardening For All Seasons
Your guide to perfect gardening with articles and tips for seasoned and novice gardeners from planning to composting, your local weather, special features, house plants and Monthly gardening calendar. Recipes.

Vegetable Gardening
Learn how to grow your own vegetables at home. Great tips!

Bird Bath and Beyond
Bird Bath and Beyond has what you need to keep the wild birds in your area healthy and thriving.

Garden Management System
Gardening software to help you grow your garden.

Orchid Photos
Stunning orchid photos from AOS judging and private collections.

GreenCoast Hydroponics
Online hydroponic retail store with tons of free information and low prices. Makes hydroponic growing easy for beginners.

Greywater Irrigation
Learn about using greywater, and how to treat it to use for irrigation.

Mesoamerica Information at
A site about the foods, plants, and cultures of Mesoamerica. Learn about pre-Hispanic Mexico with this informational site for teachers, students, and ethno botanists.

Clivus Multrum composting toilets
Offering odor-free, resillient, and practical solutions to the high cost of conventional sewage systems.

Central Coast Hydroponics
Organic gardening supplies and hydroponic garden supplies.

Simple Gardens
A retail store, online, by phone, by mail specializing in gardens for small spaces.

Shedtopia - Storage Sheds
Get a garden shed, storage shed, outdoor shed for less.

Tipz Time
Home and garden tips and ideas. Crafts, recipes, and articles.

Flower Gardening Tips
Tells you all about the different types of flowers, and how to best take care of them.

Locking Secure Mailboxes
Keep your mail safe with a locking mailbox.

Cabana Village Garden Sheds
Your source for quality cedar garden sheds, pool houses, cabins and cabanas. Five-sided space saving corner sheds and cabanas.
Large selection of organic gardening supplies and hydroponic garden supplies.

ShadeTree Retractable Awnings
Awnings - an economical way to shelter your patio or deck from the sun. You'll appreciate the many unique benefits of ShadeTree Retractable Awnings for your deck or patio.

Garden Humor
To boldly grow where no one has groan before!

A Southern Garden
Site about an Alabama garden of antique roses, shrubs, trees and perennials.

Weathervanes Plus
Dozens of different high quality weathervanes for your home, with different models, sizes and materials such as aluminum and copper.

A Flower Arranger's Garden
Dedicated to all those who love gardens and gardening, water gardens, and anyone interested in flower arranging and floral art.

Landsape design software for home gardening
3D Garden Composer will help you create and maintain your dream garden in any season.

Avant-Gardening: Creative Organic Gardening
"You Can Grow" using sustainable organic gardening as a medium for creative expression and spiritual growth. Extensive organic gardening information, workshops, monthly newsletter, Formal Tea Gardens, virtual tours, links/resources, and more!

Power Control Center
The Power Control Center allows backyard greenhouse and water gardeners the flexibility of installing a pond or greenhouse where no electricity is near the site.

The Weekend Gardener
The Weekend Gardener is the busy persons guide to a beautiful backyard garden that almost takes care of itself.

Garden tools with a "Heart"
Where you'll find patented garden tools that make gardening easier and a great gift for a gardener.

Everything Fruit-n-Flowers
Providing unique fruit and flower gifts and collectibles.

Italian Cooking Supplies
Italian Cooking Supply is an online source of products that help you prepare delicious Italian meals.

Garden Hoses and Hose Reels
Learn about garden irrigation including: garden hoses and reels, sprinkler, drip irrigation and rain barrels.

Old Time Wheelbarrow Company
Antique style wooden wheelbarrows and carts crafted from western red cedar, featuring steel spoke wheels and accents.

Gardeners' Corner
Meet other active gardeners around the world and chat with them for advice and tips. Great gardening email lists.

Fountains & Garden Decor
Garden accents and wild bird products.

Outdoor Lighting
Source for outdoor lighting, landscaping and gardening information and products.

Mooseys Country Garden
Moosey shares her gardening obsession in over one thousand pages of gardening advice & design ideas. Tour the 15-acre New Zealand garden, visit the gallery, meet the animals, and watch the garden grow.

WiseAcre Gardens
This site started with Flowers of the North Country in NY. Gardens, Flowers and Rocks! Oh My!

Joliet Area Garden Club
Club for gardeners, devoted to gardening around Joliet.

Your source for quality drip irrigation and micro irrigation supplies for home owners, landscapers, farmers and greenhouse owners.

Dallas Texas Bed and Breakfast
Bailey's Uptown Inn is a b&b located in the cool Uptown neighborhood of Dallas.

Backyard Beauties
Handmade all-occasion flower seed note cards and customized flower seed packets for any business or personal event.

Specialty Woodcrafts
Handcrafted indoor/outdoor redwood adirondack furniture, assembled or as a kit, also yard crafts and indoor crafts, assembled or as a kit and holiday yard decorations.

Weathervanes Plus
Browse a selection of dozens of different copper and aluminum weathervanes, with many different sizes and models to choose from.

Creative Pet Gifts
Our Pet Crafts are exquisitely made, each piece is handcut and meticulously assembled. Our Pet Baskets are stuffed with treats and toys any pet would be delighted to receive.

Dried Flowers Direct
Dried flowers grown on 16 acre flower farm, drying occurs in three 1860 barns containing over 2 miles of drying lines.

Flower pots and garden supplies
Flower pots and garden supplies for your little piece of heaven.

My-Garden-Supplies - Advice, ideas and garden supplies
Get top quality garden supplies and tools to turn your backyard into an outdoor paradise. Patio furniture, birdhouses, fountains, garden decor, flowers, vegetables and more.

Garden Arbors
A great selection of high wood and vinyl garden arbors and arches for your home.

EZRip the Super-Fast Drywall Cutting Tool
Finally there is a better way to cut drywall. The proof is in the patents!

Sundial Supply
Features a wide selection of sundials in brass and aluminum, with pedestals as accessories.

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